American Heritage University of Southern California

Fees and Tuition

Fees and Tuition

At AHUSC, we know that the high cost of tuition at traditional colleges and universities are not within the financial range of many prospective students. The statistics show that for the majority of working adults and professionals campus based programs are not the answer.American Heritage University of Southern California is committed to offering very affordable tuition to fit your needs and your budget.

Fees. Broken Down

Tuition must be paid two weeks in advance of the start of the current Term along with the submission of the Registration Form. Late registration is permitted up to the first day of the start of the Term, but Tuition and Late Fees must be paid before a student is considered enrolled in the class. There are no exceptions.The tuition for the programs is as follows:

BBA: $150.00 per unit
MBA: $250.00 per unit

Fee Schedule
1. Application Fee (non-refundable) $ 50.00
2. Student Registration (Yearly, non-refundable) $100.00
3. Late Payment Fee $25.00
4. Diploma $100.00
5. Diploma Replacement $100.00
6. Certified Transcript $25.00
7. Deferred Payment Fee $75.00
8. Returned Check Fee $35.00
9. Special/Re-Examination Fee $25.00
10. Student ID Card $25.00
11. Graduation Fee (one-time charge) $500.00
12. Graduation (Non-Attendance Fee ) $350.00
13. Course Add/Drop Fee $25.00
14. Late Registration $25.00
15. Student Technology Fee: Non-Refundable After the 10th day of class enrollment $120.00
16. Experiential Credit Evaluation Fee $100.00
17. STRF (Non-refundable) 0% 

Note: Students must purchase textbooks and other required study materials, estimated between $350-$700 per year. Students will not be able to pass a course without the required course materials.


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