American Heritage University of Southern California

Online Education

Online Education

The University utilizes the Hybrid Mode of Learning (HML), which is a combination of face-to-face instruction (either in the classroom or through a synchronized medium such as e-Lecta) and online components such as email and chat rooms. Classroom instructions are held on campus located at 1802 East G Street, Ontario CA, 91764.

Along with normal record keeping in the Registry, the University also utilizes the Populi College Management System. Virtually all activity at the University can be accessed through the Student Learning Center. Students are informed in advance of registration of the breakdown of time spent in face-to-face instruction and the amount of time to be spent in online instruction. The duration of each course is eight (8) weeks.

Online courses are taught using a variety of Internet based tools. These tools include various methods of asynchronous and synchronous communication. Asynchronous communication tools are those that students can access 24 hours 7 days a week and may include:

  1. Posting of course materials: (text, graphics, video and audio files) on a course web page allows a student to access reading materials, assignment criteria, instructions and links to supplemental resources, etc.
  2. File Exchange: Allows a student using e-mail attachments, digital drop boxes, or file-transfer- protocols to exchange files between students and instructors.
  3. E-mail: Allows digital communication between class participants and students and instructors.
  4. Discussion Boards: Allows multiple-person discussions (either posted to a web site or via e-mail) to occur within the class.
  5. Other: i.e., newsgroups (large discussion boards outside of class participation)

Synchronous communication tools are those that involve simultaneous communication at a predetermined time and web-based location and may include:

  1. Chat rooms
  2. Online platform (Populi):
  3. Teleconferencing
  4. eLecta:
  5. Wistia:

All students, including hybrid and 100 percent online, are required to complete their coursework. To ensure that students will be successful, an assessment shall be made at the time of processing admissions. The skills assessment survey is located on the last page of the Application for Admissions. Assessments shall be made on whether each prospective student has the skills and competencies to succeed in an online learning environment, as well as a student’s access to computer, software, and internet technologies. These will be taken into consideration before admitting a prospective student into the program. E-lecta, Wistia, and Populi are available to students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through using a cost- effective, “open-source”.