American Heritage University of Southern California

Who Can Attend AHSUC

Who Can Attend AHSUC?

  • Individuals who wish to continue full-time employment while earning their degree(s).
  • Individuals who have interrupted their college education and find it difficult to return to a traditional campus to complete their degree requirements.
  • Individuals who need academic credentials to earn promotions or increase their income.
  • Professionals whose license renewals depend on specified extended courses of education.
  • Employers who wish their employees trained in specific areas without losing the continuity of their service.
  • Individuals already established in careers that do no necessarily require additional academic credentials but who need a degree to be eligible for promotion.
  • Single parents who have dropped out of school
  • Individuals who require degree(s) to enter state or local government, or the Civil Service.

Entry Requirements: 60 Credits or 2 years of university coursework