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Faculty Resources

Faculty Resources

Outcomes Development


Steps to Writing Learning Outcomes the Work

Tools for Developing Learning Outcomes – Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation

Tips on Writing Course Goals/Learning Outcomes and Measurable Learning Objectives

Learning Outcomes - Center for Teaching Excellence

Course Objectives & Learning Outcomes

CAS Learning Outcomes | Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education

eLearning Industry

Writing Clear Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes - Trefny Innovative Instruction Center


Outcomes Assessment

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Academic Affairs Assessment Plan

UCLA learning outcomes assessment

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Plans

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Classroom Assessment Techniques: Quick Strategies to Check Student Learning in Class

Test Item Bias Review

Assessment Using Knowledge Surveys

Portfolio Assessment

Using Midterm Evaluations to Refine Your Approach and Support Students



Rubric Development

Discussion Rubrics - Teaching Online Pedagogical Repository

VALUE Rubrics | Association of American Colleges & Universities

Rubric Development Guidelines | Center for Teaching Innovation 

11 steps for rubric development | Strategies for Successful Teaching

How to Develop a Rubric in Five Steps | Presence

Rubrics | Center for Teaching & Learning

Developing Scoring Rubrics

Types of Rubrics

What Are Rubrics and Why Are They Important?

The Graph Rubric: Development of a Teaching, Learning, and Research Tool | CBE—Life Sciences Education

Designing Grading Rubrics

Developing and Using Rubrics and Checklists

RubiStar Home

Creating and Using Rubrics for Assessment

Writing Across the Curriculum

Assessing and tracking blogs


Teaching and elearning

11 Principles Of eLearning: Demystified And Applied - eLearning Industry

Creating an Effective & Engaging Online Classroom

7 guidelines for effective teaching online

How to Be a Better Online Teacher - The Chronicle of Higher Education

How to increase engagement in your online classroom | Teach Away

Actively Engaging Students in Asynchronous Online Classes

Moving from Face-to-Face to the Online Classroom—Creating Accessible and Engaging Learning Activities for All Learners

Engaging the Online Student: Instructor-Created Video Content for the Online Classroom, Journal of Instructional Research, 2016

Forms of Engaging Learners in Online Classes

Making Online Classroom Discussion More Dynamic and Engaging - TeachOnline

Engaging Online Learners: 5 Lessons From an Early Adopter - Training Industry

Transforming Classroom Content into Engaging eLearning Experiences

Creating an Engaging Presentation for the Online Classroom -

eLearning Learning

Evaluate Your Own Teaching

Top 12 Teaching and Learning Articles: Part 1

Top 12 Teaching and Learning Articles: Part 2

Teaching Blunders to Avoid: Ten Worst Teaching Mistakes

Strategies to support how students learn: from notetaking to test-taking

Frequently Asked Questions on Discussion (and Group Work)

Effective Grading Practices

Considering Learning Domains in Student Success

Sharon Bowmans Website on Teaching Practice and Brain-Based Learning

Adding Technology to the Classroom

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Copyright Rules

Recommended Publications for Research and Professional Development

Centering Materials for Inspiration and Direction


Text Book Resources




Motivating Students

General Principles of Motivation

Motivating Students: a researched approach

Empowering Students

Student Motivations and Attitudes

Motivating Today’s College Students

Fear of Failure and Motivating Success


Creating Assignments

Characteristics of Effective Online Assignments

Designing Effective Online Assignments - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Integrating Online Assignments Into Your Course

How Do I Create Meaningful and Effective Assignments?

Create Effective Assignments

Keys to Designing Effective Writing and Research Assignments

A Sample Assignment Format



Using Populi

Office 360 Training Center

Wista Video Training

Electa-Live Training

Capsim Resources

PSI Tutorial


HTML Writing

Code Academy

HTML Writer



American Journal of Online Education

Asian Journal of Distance Education

International Journal of Mobile Education

The British Journal of Educational Technology

Australasian Journal of Educational Technology

Adult Education Quarterly

Journal of Educational Technology & Society

IEEE Transactions on Learning Technology

Journal of Learning Sciences

Studies in Higher Education

Research in Learning Technology


Bloom's Taxonomy and Distance Education

Using Bloom’s Taxonomy to Write Effective Learning Objectives

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy

Applying Bloom's Taxonomy In eLearning

Understanding the basics of Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy application in eLearning

How to Apply Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy to ELearning Courses

Understanding Bloom’s Taxonomy in E-Learning


Recruiter Resources

College Recruiting Bootcamp | Entry Level Jobs | Internships for Students | College Recruiter

What does a campus recruiter do?

Admissions Counselor Recruiter 101

Admissions & Recruitment

NACE Professional Development

National Association for College Admission Counseling- Webinars

College Admissions Specialist | American School Counselor Association (ASCA)

Recruitment and Admission – Higher Ed Services | Education Professionals – The College Board

The Skills Needed for College Recruitment Specialists |

Recruiting Remotely: The Life of a Regional Rep | Higher Ed Live

College Admission Counselor Toolkit | Western Association for College Admission Counseling

3 Videos: Critical Skills for Admissions Officers - Academic Impressions