American Heritage University of Southern California

Student Services

Student Services

The faculty and staff of the university are available to assist students in achieving their educational objectives. The university is especially sensitive to the special needs of adult students returning to college after a long absence from the classroom. All AHUSC students are provided the following resources:

  • Learning Resources
    Learning resources provided through the university enable its students and faculty to access library facilities, informational databases, and electronic communication services from the convenience and comfort of their homes and offices. Learning resources have been developed and are continually updated to support high quality faculty/student communications.

  • Academic Advising
    Faculty advisors are assigned from each student’s field of study. They work closely with you to assist you in choosing courses each term that best suit your degree and career plans.

  • Career Coaching
    Career coaching assistance is available to students and alumni for all ASUSC Programs. One-on-one faculty coaching sessions provide advice on areas such as career assessment, job search strategy, and resume and cover letter review.

Students attending classes at the Ontario campus have access to the following additional services:

  • Study area available during scheduled class times
  • Copy machine available during scheduled class times for a minimal fee
  • Local restaurants and snack shop in close proximity to the campus
  • High Speed WiFi Access