Course Description

The BBA Capstone is designed for students to reinforce business principles and master the Program Outcomes by participating in strategic business analysis.

The BBA capstone provides students with the opportunity to strategically apply the principal concepts and skills learned in each of their BBA program core courses to real-world business situations.  Students will gain the ability to articulate critical analysis to case studies and participate in a group project focusing on business plan development or an in-depth corporate analysis.  Students will prepare a recorded presentation of their project along with written analysis that will demonstrate appraisal of a business environment, an organization of business principles and the application of business strategy.

These goals are focused on the institution’s program learning outcomes that a student is expected to have mastered at the completion of the capstone course.   

Course Learning Outcomes

At the completion of this course, a student will be able to:

  1. Integrate and apply the skills and knowledge acquired in BBA core courses, including marketing, management, finance, accounting, and economics.
  2. Apply management and organization principles to the formation and implementation of business strategies.
  3. Describe and discuss management processes for planning, organizing, and controlling business activities.
  4. Compare and evaluate ethical principles, personal and company values, and socially responsible management practices.
  5. Formulate critical analysis of business strategy application in written and oral media.

Area of Focus

This course is designed for students to reinforce business principles and master the Program Outcomes by participating in strategic business analysis.

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Course Length

Total Units

Course Cost

Mode of Learning

This course is 16 weeks long. It is broken up into weekly project modules

This a 6 unit course. The units are required to complete the program

The total cost for this BBA course is $950. Paid in full

The method of instruction for this BBA course is online

Course Resources

BBA Student’s

I chose American Heritage University of Southern California after dropping in on a few lectures. After speaking with a few other students and the administration staff, I knew attending this school would be an exciting journey. The best thing about this school – is how much they care!
Amina Shabir
Amina ShabirManager at Apple, In
The best part of the work while you study program offered by the University is the flexibility to build your career while you work, also the experienced lecturers with industry experiences sharing real-life scenarios which makes education more practical. When the Teachings becomes more vibrant with digital teachings, interactive sessions, real-life examples and case studies and you get to learn from leading industry experts on the weekends while you implement those teachings at your workplace during the weekdays gives a boost to your career.
Paravastu Kavya
Paravastu KavyaInternational Student, GEMS B
While I started my career as a Business Development Executive in an IT firm at the beginning of the corporate integrated MBA program offered by American Heritage University of Southern California, my career took a big leap step by step achieving several goals during the journey and ending up as a Business Head while I completed the MBA program.  Thanks to the American Heritage University of Southern California for designing this corporate integrated MBA program to benefit the individuals like me, helping me build my skill set and encouraged us to be Entrepreneurs.
Malcolm Vivek
Malcolm VivekInternational Student, GEMS B

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