Online Education

Staying current with productivity technology is an important part of your education and an important component of our method of instruction.


Distance Learning Requirements

The programs are administered entirely online. Currently, the school utilizes Populi’s college management system. Specifically developed Learning Modules, including evaluations were developed to enable students to attain degree program objectives through the Distance Learning education method. Through this system, the program objectives are achieved in a flexible and sensible manner.

Each Learning Module includes the course syllabus, learning objectives, textbook chapters, key terms, assignments, midterm examinations, case studies, and the final exam. Written assignments may be in any one of the following formats: essays, problems, case studies, critical thinking papers, and mini-research projects. This process ensures that our students, upon successful completion of a course, have the opportunity to demonstrate that they have attained the goals and objectives for the program. Independent study is an important part of the overall academic strategy as well. Students are given outside reading, research, and assignments, to complement their online learning.

To ensure your success in our programs, you will need access to and use the hardware and software listed below. You must also have the technical skills outlined in the Academic Catalog.


Hardware Requirements

  • A processor of 2 GHz or faster
  • 4 GB RAM or greater
  • A high-speed internet connection with a connection speed of 1.5 MB/s or better.
  • The use of satellite and cellular connections may result in slowness or errors (timeouts, access problems) when accessing the classroom and course materials.
  • The use of public access computers and internet (for example, at restaurants and public institutions such as libraries) may result in slowness or errors (timeouts or access problems) when accessing the classroom and course materials. Public access computers may not permit any access to certain course materials or systems due to security limitations.
  • Monitor and video card with 1024×768 or greater resolution
  • Keyboard and Mouse is recommended
  • Speakers/Headphones and Microphone
  • A noise-canceling headset is recommended
  • Public access computers may not permit usage of speakers, headphones or microphones.
  • A web camera capable of video web conferencing

Additional Software

  • Microsoft® Office 2013 or later for a personal computer (PC), Microsoft® Office 2011 or later for a Mac
  • An up to date installation of Adobe® Reader
  • An up to date installation of the Adobe® Flash plug-in
  • Local administrative privileges to the operating system may be required to allow for the installation of software and/or configure computer settings
  • A current security suite application (updated regularly)
  • Some courses may require the purchase of additional software including Microsoft® Visio and Microsoft® Project


Mobile Devices

Students are required to have reliable access to a PC or Mac but may use a mobile device such as a phone or tablet as a secondary means of access with our Populiweb (Learning Software System). This app is available for iOS and Android users. Please keep in mind that access to website functionality and required course materials may be limited on mobile devices.

Computer accessibility

All students need access to a computer for success in their coursework. The operating systems on most computers already have some features that include these accessibility technologies:

  • Changing font size
  • Changing the size of desktop icons
  • Magnification of portions of your screen
  • Converting text to speech
  • Altering background-color
  • Captioning for audio
  • Speech recognition
  • Accessibility for operating systems

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