Financial Aid

The University currently does not participate in Title IV financial funding and therefore does not offer financial aid opportunities or student loans. However, we have options in place for our students.


of students have
their education expenses paid out of pocket


of students have
taking on debt for college education


of AHUSC Students
all pay out of pocket



Paying for Your Tuition

01. Apply for Private Loan

Getting a loan to pay for educational expenses is common. While our tuition is centered around affordibility, students can take a loan. Visit this page for a list of private lenders.

02. Pay Out of Pocket

Paying out of pocket is the best way to ensure that you have no debt once you have completed and achieved your educational goals. Learn more

03. Third-Party Sponsor

In today’s workplace, most employers are willing to sponsor their employees to return back to school to further their education. Learn more about third-party tuition sponsors.

Educational Expenses


What is stopping you from taking the next steps toward improving yourself through quality education? We are accepting application right now!