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We can help with a range of topics. Find out about the guidance and support you’ll get if you need a helping hand with academic life – or life in general – when you study with us. Need support now with applying to uni or student finance? See our guides on how to apply or tuition and fees.

How We Can Help

Need support now with applying to uni or student finance? See our guides on how to apply and fees and finance or our information for international students.

We understand this new challenge could affect your mental health, physical health and wellbeing, so you’ll find lots of support when you get here. See our guides on how to apply and fees and finance or our information for international students. Everyone needs a little help with their studies from time to time, whether you’re a fresher taking your first steps into uni life or a seasoned student who knows your way around university. Going to university is exciting, but it can be daunting too. And if you’ve spent time in care, you might find it more difficult to enter higher education.

We have an extensive library with specialized literature on any topic you might ever need. And beyond. The best part is that it’s both in the physical world and online. 

In accordance with our Non-Discrimination Policy and commitment to bringing equal and accessible high-quality education to all of our students, we have adopted the Americans with Disabilities Act’s (ADA) definition which defines a person with a disability as a person who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activity.

Who is Eligible?

  • Students with physical disabilities
  • Students with chronic illnesses
  • Students with learning disabilities
  • Students with mental health issues
  • Students with emotional disabilities
  • Students with temporary disabilities, ex. pregnancy, major surgery, major injury, concussion, etc.

Accommodations AHUSC provides reasonable accommodations in compliance with local, state and federal law. To receive accommodations through AHUSC, a prospective student is required to self-elect to disclose their disability during their application to any of our programs and follow the steps to receive accommodations. Approved accommodation requests submitted after courses have begun will be effective as of the date your completed request was received by our Student Services Department.

AHUSC understands that disabilities can come after enrollment into any of our programs. In such instances, students can use this Disability Accommodation Request Form to complete an Accommodation Request.

Students whose primary language is not English must have sufficient command of the English language to benefit from instruction at this university. Coursework is offered entirely in English. It is required that students must be able to communicate effectively in English to complete courses. TOEFL results of 550 or above will be used to determine the extent of English proficiency and thereby, student placement. The I-20 Form for International Applicants is not required as these services are not offered.

Our experienced finance advisors will walk you through the whole process of getting funding for your education, applying for scholarships, or finding a part-time job in the university administration, or even sort out your housing fees.

Don’t be shy. Reach out and we’ll answer any questions you might have.


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